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  • Expertise: Construction, Energy, Permits
  • Cultivation: several crops
  • Country: Nederland
  • Location: Wageningen

Unifarm (WUR)

High-tech research- and quarantaine greenhouses
Wageningen University & Research (WUR)


At the Wageningen University campus, research and quarantaine greenhouses with a highly physical bio safety level (PKM-III) are being realized equipped with climate installations for closed greenhouses. DLVge supports and consults Unifarm with design, permits and realisation of the buildings and technical installations, which WUR will use for highly technological plant and crop research.

The research and quarantaine facilities are designed to be energy efficient and make use of heat/cold storage. The installations inside the greenhouse are being mounted lower as usual to create a higher possible light transmission. Moreover, the roofing is equipped with double glazing for higher isolation values, and at which the glass is also furnished with two coatings to compensate light loss.

Unifarm facilitates and leads research experiments of the plant- and crop investigations for Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and for external principals. This plant research company exists of approx. 240 ha of trial plots, 15.000 m³ of glasshouses and a large number of approx. 105 climate cells, climate chambers, cool and freeze cells and warehousing, processing space, measurement equipment etc.