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Sesvanderhave (B)

  • Expertise: Construction, Energy
  • Cultivation: Zaad-veredeling
  • Country: België
  • Location: Tienen (B)

Sesvanderhave (B)

State of the art research facility for sugar beets. Tip: watch the movie!


This technological prestigious project, which already kicked-off in 2011/2012, has since been developed into a state of the art research facility, opening in 2017.

Starting off with plans for a research greenhouse of 1440 m² in 2011/2012, it soon appeared that further innovation was required. When Sesvanderhave had the chance to acquire another better suitable piece of land, a new, more elaborate plan was born. The new plan, not only provided for a state of the art greenhouse facility, but also covered a complete new site with better routing, parking facilities and extension of office buildings. Between 2012 and 2017, project leader Marcel Verbeek has been working full-time on the project as consultant for DLVge as well as internal project leader for Sesvanderhave.

The close co-operation between DLVge and Sesvanderhave finally resulted in a state of the art research greenhouse of 13.280 m² and 1700 m² of office buildings and laboratories, strictly compliant to construction permits, environment, EPB, phytosanitary, fire safety, foundation demands, logistical movement, separation of GMO vs non-GMO and internal business operations of 11 different processes over 3 departments. Summarized:

– 51 greenhouse departments
– 26 climate cells
– 13 working spaces for several departments
– 19 corridors and logistical spaces
– a dilated greenhouse built around the office building
– 6 different truss dimensions, different support trusses and/or door portals
– all departments have cooling as well as heating
– over 20 automatic spray/ sprinkle/ contamination booms
– 2 storeys building with laboratories, offices, 7 sanitary rooms and 4 climate cells.

Because of the international character of the project, we collaborated with agency Rimanque covering Belgian permits and Technum on environmental regulation. After delivery in 2017, DLVge continuously supports Sesvanderhave with various questions.

Watch here a video of the Sesvanderhave facility: